Hello StoryShop

Introducing StoryShop, our little digital dust corner where we can discuss design disciplines, creativity and related topics, a place to think, explore and appreciate creatives and creativity. We’ll follow the classic a-z framework for stories which allow adequate freedom to explore. So I’d like to start off with an introduction to Associate, a visual communications consultancy offering professional graphic design services to businesses in Ireland and abroad.

I often get asked the question what is graphic design and what do graphic designers do? Graphic design communicates ideas and information through visual communications and graphic designers strategically combine design elements such as colours, typography and images to develop visual communications that educate, inspire and captivate audiences.

Associate has been a trusted graphic design partner to small, medium and large organisations since 2009 working with our clients to develop creative content for online and offline marketing activities. We’ve produced logo designs and visual identity programmes, printed and digital marketing materials, websites and social media campaigns for our clients. Creative content is key for businesses who rely on engaging their audiences via digital marketing and online marketing activities. Sometimes overlooked, the creative element of your content strategy is so important. It can help you to stand out from the crowd and a well considered design approach will ensure better engagement results. Since 2009 we’ve been busy designing everything from branding, brochures and books, websites and social media posts, even socks and bags!

We can partner with your marketing team on the creative visualisation of your brand identity and work with you to develop creative content for your online and offline marketing activities.