LSAD project


Associate worked with the Visual Communications Degree course in LSAD to set a design brief for the fourth year students as part of their final year projects. The brief was to produce a printed publication based on an ‘everyday’ object of your choice showing how important the role of design is in our everyday lives. The outcome to develop an informative and exciting piece of visual communication.

In short, the object should have a place in our everyday lives, an influence on our modern design landscape or has simply a compelling story for others to learn from.

Thanks to all the students for their great work.

Featured are a selection of the final designs.

Potato Peeler – Sam Keehan
Paperclip – Ciaran Murphy
Comb – Martina Dunne
Hinge – Louise O’Doherty
Pencil Sharpener – Lucia Poliakova
Pencil – Magdalena Schiller Saether
Envelope – Michelle Walsh
Bubble Wrap – Louise O’Sullivan
Screw – Brett O’Mahony