LSAD Degree Show

Limerick School of Art and Design last week held their Visual Communications Graduate Show. For their final year project, the 25 graduating students looked at ‘Language’ as a starting point.

Language is used to define the system of linguistic signs or symbols (formal or informal) used in a more or less uniform manner as a means of communication within a community, nation, geographical area or cultural tradition. Language is used to define the communication by voice in the distinctively human manner or by using arbitrary sounds in conventional ways with conventional meanings; speech.

In short, language is the term used to describe any means of communication that is meaningful, expressive or significant.

The projects on display in this room, explore the broad concept of language. Students were asked as graduating visual communicators, to creatively explore these issues and to recognise that this project is not simply about language itself but their own personal interpretation of it. Some take very personal lines of enquiry while others pursue social, political, cultural and contemporary issues relating to language.