Associate LSAD Interns

During March & April, Associate have hosted interns from LSAD. Mick McCabe has spent 4 weeks with us, while Sarah Neville has been with us for two. We’ve included visuals below of work they created in their time here. Its been a pleasure to have both Mick & Sarah about the place and we wish them the best for the future.


The ‘ABZ: a graphic designer’s guide to Dublin’ is self explanatory; it provides a map of Dublin, its graphics studios and agencies, places of interest and things to do that might appeal to its target audience. Since not everything of interest has a fixed venue, the map is double sided, with one side showing the city centre and physical locations, allowing for an A to B between places of interest,  while the other side shows the world position of servers hosting websites relevant to design in Dublin, an A to Z of what’s on.

The visual concept takes its cue from the commonality of nodes within maps and networks and presents the landscapes as half-tone dots. Processes associated with graphic design also inform the design where the map’s colour scheme is CMYK.